Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Whip-crack! You attack-
your reflexive domination
can't approximate this claim, 
my carnal refutation of
the war-march you drum-
a dire abomination
lacking regret or shame.

This is my sedition
a dish best served in disillusion-
better- a dissolution-
a climactic cataclysm-
yet I’m only one empty cleft, 
the rift is made of millions
cleaving to the rectitude
of national aspirations
you bereft of reality.

I am a pure destroyer
bound to disinfect
your marketplace, 
I’ll employ the
vim of my words, 
my language equals
syllables in riot gear-
That’s all it takes to make
depressions and fearful earthquakes
in the "lands of the free"-
to be read states-
hunkering in bunkers of blue.

Now your fleets are manned
by bitter turncoat mutineers
steering through tsunamis
on the high seas, 
ill-wracked by your foibles
and policies from asinine to austere
perhaps I’m saturnine but I
see horror ‘round the sphere
rains of meteoric nightmare
on a scorching tangent spree
purging ashes forged in disarray
the identity I flee.

You are the pure destroyer
rumbling hellbent and unchecked-
the genesis of climactic cataclysm-
your revelation I reject
and stand stalwart on
solid earth to bear
the beastly wreck this hour-
the collision fate did spawn.

Our retribution is the penalty for
perversion of unhinged power.

Now, attack!

* * *

Author's Notes: Yes, this does relate to my spiritual path as well as my disdain for several political dynasties, as well as current officeholders. Following a warrior path means much more than physically fighting for those who can't, but also using words in protest to join the cause.

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