Wednesday, February 18, 2015

autumnal invocations

What say you
spirit of the warrior
father, protector, hunter
provider and purposeful dyer?
As you surrender your spear
on this final harvest eve
to your honor
and sacrifice we pay our heed
for you mortar a brick path
which our feet will all tread
as they up kick the dust
of the spent and the dead
and we listen to their thoughts
to their stories and lore
on this night with our lost
can we seize a rapport
in tribute to your labors
your trek past the divide
as the gates melt away
and the barriers subside
on this night o'er all nights
can we sit round the fire
the proceeded we embrace
thanks to your funeral pyre
so what say you, God
we invite your spirit to observe
in due time to be reborn
and return to the earth.

What say you
spirit of creation
mother, queen, waters of the wise
great light of nature and griever this night?
Crone lady whisper in our ears
in wavering tone
that in loss we may gain,
we must first fall to rise
that in the dirge for your consort
you merely seek reprise
that your cycle never ends
and can never conclude
for in your womb tonight
grows a victory pursued
on this night with our lost
comes a triumph o'er demise
a new hope for the future
in your breadth you devise
we can see those we've lost
seek their knowledge in kind
on this night o'er all nights
are the worlds intertwined
what's past is made moot
thanks to your creative fire,
so what say you, crone Goddess
we invite you to observe
in due time to be rejoined

and grant your blessings on the earth.

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