Wednesday, February 18, 2015

versus the beast

It skulks in the shadows- the lesser places,
the entrails of that we imagine is us-

It's the erogenous esoterica
we clutch to the side while slinking away-
embarrassed, engorged and excited-
the dirty magazines under the mattress.

The desire to witness the fracas when
two cars slam head-to-head-
the carnage that follows, the limbs
on the blacktop- that's what it is-

Showing its nakedness-
leering over shoulder at
the mirror of the poet’s inclination
to glimpse a rounded buttock-

With impudent pride, to entwine
its tentacles inside the mind of the writer-
lure to warfare- ultimatum-
a wrestling match for rights of control-

Humbled by pierce of pen, in palpitate accord,
until its seclusion again is breached.

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