Wednesday, February 18, 2015

sleeping goddess

See her sleeping
among the greens-
ears heedless to the
blaring bleats of
careening traffic-
delicate hands cradle
her head, bejeweled by
lips in a radiant pout-
she revels in the rapture
of tentative serenity.

See her naked arms spread
wide like branches of a tree-
she's unfurled-
dreamy creases etched
in the marble of her face,
her blessing to the world,
caught in sub-rosa gaze
she's less distant of a goddess
than others I've known
even as I worship discreetly.


She wakes-
halcyon fantasy disrupted-
nose sniffing fragrance
of undulating greens
corrupted in
surreptitious esteem
eyes pursue my presence,
her antecedent devotee,
but I escape-
occasion ensconced
in memory, may it live
to see consequence!

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