Wednesday, February 18, 2015

natural flavors

Winds take me away from here,
drop me in a grove somewhere
beneath a cypress that's old enough
to recall ancestors deceased,
proceeding my birth.
Take me to a tranquil stream
float me quietly among
the gentle water lilies
to an unknown destination
so my mind might flow and
be at ease beyond its station.
Let my hair grow wild, fall about my neck,
Like the swarthy mane of a lion-
to adjourn from garb I wear when
enveloped by asphalt and simply go bare.
Let the scent transpose my body
smell the fragrant air
let it capture me through mystery
penetrate the confines of skin and veins
let my ears hear the bay of wolves
as the witching hour reigns.
Let my reply be a rasping yowl,
view Orion overhead and full-
spirit one with this land, on the prowl.
It feels what I feel
and when I kill it howls in excited fashion-
immaculate air filling my lungs
with an unbridled passion!
Satisfied I curl in repose
needing no blanket or covering;
Let my breath be your nocturnal breeze-
our silver-throated serenade notes
sighing in air, softly hovering.
Let them light then slowly fade
lifting our dreams in contented slumber.

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