Wednesday, February 18, 2015

journey while twirling his hair

Shock. Scream.
Image pressed
into wood of mind
lost journey marred in fog
broken mold of past undressed
revealing reasons it is

Soft. Sweet.
Flowers in her breath
scent rose slowly dogs bite at toes
between her fingers
petals brown in death
like her smile in a mind

Buried. Graven.
Lost under dirt
ages passed by skin withered, wrinkled
ghost floated by
beauty in faceless smile
or else it has been

Crept. Cracked.
Chained to tree
cold lithium snare upon fresh snow
when raped and bleated
spotted red long ago
cold flower parts under ice
with a smell since

Sit. Sit.
Stare ahead straight
splotch 'tween eyes hued brownish green
laugh a cackle of unleavened bread
in the big house
'Uneasy Rider' in my head
my self, my story

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