Wednesday, February 18, 2015

it all bleeds

The more our sword cuts
the more we all bleed
off forty in a mosque
for four dragged through the street
Syria, Israel, Yemen,
Palestine or Tikrit
tomorrow a synagogue
what the hell- it all bleeds
a wet crimson torrent
human decency bereaved
past virtues tossed over
wracked by fear, hate and greed
different places found holy,
different ethnicities
counterpoints in our mindset
tell you what- it all bleeds
death lands a sickening impact
that we feel collectively
souls buckle in response
brought by force to our knees
and we gasp at the gallows
at the guillotine we scream
but the poison we still swallow
here’s the rub- it all bleeds
call a halt to insanity
call reason, justice and peace
we have outgrown crusades
to revenge we pay no heed
can we justify the slaughter
of sons and daughters for blind greed?
doesn’t matter what the theater
or the land- it all bleeds.

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