Wednesday, February 18, 2015

garron opens the door

Boy pauses,
hand on a doorknob,
puzzling mind
awash with possibility,
alight for discovery,
hardly aware of
what he’s achieved.
The hinges squeak,
o perfect harmony!
A fitting anthem,
curiosity his creed.
He spies a sliver of
backyard daylight,-
tempted, he peeks
a squeal of glee
escapes his lips,
upturned for adventure,
twenty-month-old tumult
and ambition his lure.
The glint in his eyes
matches sun in a
triumphant June-
he’s grasped what eluded-
not much
will stop him soon!

* * *

Note- Garron is pictured quite a bit older in the photo than when he first discovered the doorknob principle. This is the oldest photo I could find of him online, and I love it anyhow because he's with Lucky Girl.

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