Wednesday, February 18, 2015

empty suit

An afternoon
snaring minutes
in an empty suit
an oversize vestige
of a realm reviled
a place I lived,
some thought thrived
sipping bourbon on-the-rocks
laughing, snorting violently
boy how I could fill a doorway

Persuade you silently
eyes piercing over rims
commerce my role
my unmistakable quest for goals
dangled off hook past
fingertips' reach, unassailable
then retrograde pounce
into breach, unavailable
boy how I'd ask for the sell

Jettison the garment
it no longer fits well
it wrinkles where loose flesh
has disappeared
buckles in cinches at the waist-
a true waste- of woolen mastery
material soup-thin
like septuagenarian skin-
a thing deceased
time to entomb this empty suit
trundle roads to new territory
unhinge and unleash
salvation acceleratory
man what I'd give for a sign.

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