Wednesday, February 18, 2015

eagle again

I want to believe
in the eagle again
like I did as a child
soar along on golden wing
stride the sky on fairytale wind
and weep tears of hope
as from heart its cries ring.
I long to regain
a sense of the wild swoop
hurtling breakneck quick down
craggy mountain daybreak ken
cloud plumes delight as they caress
and moisten my face
as careening we ascend.
I wish that talons
held me tight in their grip
instead I fall to ground
forfeit my allotment of blue
brambly barbs puncture naked skin
dust caking in mouth
tunneling to thoughts,
then bulls through.
Alone on the ground
I gaze up towards the lid
crows’ feet furrow with squint
white hair rumpled and messed
feathered giant now a fleck-
cold shadow of hope-
sky assumes dusky tint.
I wander feebly
ambling to my demise
mind teeming hunger
hankering for eagle’s flight-
the liberty I cherish dear
and weep tears of rage
my body falls into blight.

In death I believe
in the eagle again
as I become child
mount up on golden back
ride the chill of air with zeal
and shout cheers of hope
as anew we attack!

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