Wednesday, February 18, 2015

caffeinated souls

You scorched our caffeinated souls
With your bulwark,
groove shop rock-n-roll your
“hang on it’s a just cause”
steal the show your
“walk tall it’s all vindicated”
but brrrrrrrr- it’s cold!
Black helicopter radiance you
burned in rows your
heart-attack ventricle is
expounding to explode
in a rude cardiac benediction
avarice you extol-
Bowing down to rub a Buddha
slathered in gold,
a weird addiction to tension-
your jonesing, on-the-dole
of bloody bull-market hypocrites-
It takes an axe
to chop the friction
but it doesn’t take a poll,
your shotgun malediction
hunting blindly for a strategy
or maybe a goal-
Spyglass focused on the citizens
but missing the mole-
film vibrant like a train wreck
brandished bold,
karma’s got a wicked half-life-
time to pay your toll
buckshot scares up the grassroots
and back we grow
like a scab that keeps
getting rubbed over-
kinda sore and hard to hold-
this bootstrap citizen judiciary
truth will uphold.

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