Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Every time I
hear the word
I hear letters
spoken in her voice,
helping with homework
etching them forever in head
while scribing in pencil
on triple-lined paper
a testament to dedication.


Not by degree
but design.
Her mind an acrobat
in perpetual motion
two moves ahead.
Always absorbing,
setting a model
for two generations
of children she loves.


Hard to imagine
what it is
to lose an eye
to be near-blind
to face brutality
from a killer within
and return victorious,
smiling, standing fast
to face challenges ahead.


Her way and life
letting you know
with hugs and cornbread
and fresh clean sheets
Johnny Carson and
Thanksgiving dressing
and songs in a rocking chair
late at night
how safe you are
inside her home
reflecting her love.



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