Thursday, January 23, 2014


When you came to me-
Held fast to my thumb
I transferred my muse,
infused the spark-
creation and thought,
my every turn and
intuitive hop
into that moment,
hazel hit hazel,
my breath got caught.

When you came to me-
all zen, unimpressed,
stoic and satisfied
I transferred my trouble-
the rage from the struggle,
eternally asking
the reasons why,
theorizer, moving
striving toward
the unreasonable,
hazel hit blue,
my voice got caught.

When you came to me-
angelic and feminine
I transferred my bliss,
euphoria seeking
light from love,
the terminus of same-
my thirsty search for
a singular wink of serenity,
of comfort and family-
hazel hit blue,
my heart got caught.

When y'all came to me-
held little bodies
cozied your heads,
contented to sleep
I was defused inside,
echo of breath,
of voice, of heart-
sounds as solids
cuddled into my chest.
This, your inheritance,
please live it fully-
it's all I have to leave.

It's all I ask.