Tuesday, May 21, 2013

simulacrum (submission-ready)

Smelled upon breath is
sweet bottled optimism-
swallowed, pasteurized
chemically-born mask.
Translucence over eyes grants
sight as though a veil-
a shelter velveteen-tender
demeanor muted, certitude paled-
a stimulating simulacrum
this aftertaste of life.
About my spirit a phantasm
flavored of doubt and paranoia
it cradles like a shroud of
sumptuous cashmere,
proud rococo styling like
foolish notions held dear-
ideas, ideals and influence.
Structure of soft plastic outside
but innards of limpid steel expands
and ripens-a plenary prison keep
buttressed by cruel homilies.
Spirit inside sits petrified
waiting in vain for resolution
in this self-styled sepulcher.

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