Thursday, May 12, 2011

guest poet : Amara Tankersley

Part of the fun of having FBNL be in blog format rather than its own website is the opportunity to feature other items than just my own poems. Today, in honor of Eilena's birthday yesterday, my daughter, 12-year-old Amara Tankersley will show off her verse. As far as I know, this one is untitled. She isn't aware that I am posting it just yet (ssh!) 

* * *

Eilena enjoyed having fun
in the warm summer's sun.
She took rides
in her red wagon
and pretended she was 
a fierce dragon.
While she sat on a small chair
there was a strange silence in the air-
Eilena went up the many stairs,
"Surprise!" yelled her family with
birthday gifts in the chairs.

Happy Birthday Ena-beena! 
From Amara.

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