Thursday, March 24, 2011


Reflective of issues I deal with on a daily basis, some enumerated below, many not.... I am a professional who hates corporate identity. I am a consumer who rails against Wal-Mart-ization. I am a spiritual person who resents organized & intrusive  religion. Can I be these things at one time? Can I be authentic? Am I digging my own burial vault through trying?

* * *

Smelled upon breath is
sweet bottled optimism
swallowed, pasteurized
chemically-born mask
translucence over eyes grants
sight as though a veil
a shelter velveteen-tender
demeanor muted, certitude paled
a stimulating simulacrum
this aftertaste of life
about my spirit a phantasm
flavored of doubt and paranoia
from assorted petty annoyances
it cradles like a shroud of
sumptuous cashmere
proud rococo styling and
foolish notions held dear-
ideas, ideals and influence.
The motion of a hand
a finger’s minute twitch
yet no movement felt
the air remains unmixed
mind ponders signals
dealt and ignored, transfixed
then legs turn about-face
brain racing over unissued command
in its stead the field animates
jaw muscles skulking to
upturn, cannot withstand
craggy smile pasted over cracked lips
presenting to existence
a vision neither wanted nor real
structure with soft plastic outside
and innards of limpid steel expands
and ripens into a plenary prison keep
buttressed by cruel homilies
spirit inside sits petrified
waiting in vain for resolution
in a self-styled sepulcher.

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