Monday, March 21, 2011

alkali soil & raw flesh

Encased 'neath skeleton chalk rock,

crooked with crags pressing into my sides

gnawing jagged scars deep in naked skin

but I’m comforted by the pain and then

molasses warmth creeps into my muscles

legs at first, then trunk and arms

the numbness seeps, seducing with charms

and I lose the memory of living in a body,

I’m a packed up heap in a dried-out hole

no moisture here to tickle my lips

nor to guzzle, chug, even halfheartedly sip

parched dusty desert terrain squeezing

out memory, sense and mission to maintain.

Alkali soil and raw flesh in chemical collision-

I reach out to stretch with arms restrained

but I only eke a fraction of an inch

before my body starts to jar, spasm and wrench

then sags, slumps and gives way to nature,

a sacrifice to the noonday sun

and the hungry whimsy of nighttime creatures.

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