Monday, February 21, 2011

vertigo lightning

Mixed sorrow and fear,

never laughing o'er the night.

Circling above my wooden terrace

clouds trace moon away from sight,

I shudder, arms drawn near.

Skulk place-to-place, then hide

your face in billowing wonder.

Skyward searches find you missing,

ears they hear only your thunder,

when comes midnight and I should be inside.

Billowous clouds, like armies marching

through the battlefields above

fill the wind with biting teeth

and the startling brightness of

death that from heaven comes arching.

Wind shushes hope from mind,

wild twirling, branches fall.

Snatching leaves early from haven,

while the ghosts of brothers call,

and dual charges grow in kind.

Engross me in willow and oak-

do not suffer my body rain,

descending acid from distant reaches

of a barren lifeless plain

with frigid fires and cadaver smoke.

Storm will take me in my slumber

sooth my wounds with electric silk

for my comfort has been neglected

the very lifeblood of my ilk

spilled in some unwitting blunder.

Swallow fear and then my tongue

healing agony from flame

salvation lies in execution

lascivious licks of crackling pain,

from my body, affliction wrung.

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