Friday, February 4, 2011

it's mutual

Sit near and observe me

do my bit here and write

words on a microscreen

lacking the grace of paper

vaporous wisp smirking

from the hole in the corporate coffeecup lid

a velveteen taper of life

obese with pretension

I lack the courage to

linger in conversation

here by myself even while

you cross your legs

in dire anticipation-

but anticipating what? I have no recollection

of promises made

much less vows unspoken

mistake me not- your neck was craning

eyes darting wild and wet

lips complaining the

simple secret dimples in your cheeks straining to

compose your thoughts,your self and emotions

your theme uncompleted

your silent protests

inelegant and pouts unfeted.

If there's anything I can do

anything left unfulfilled

a verse or chapter or comment

unmilled and mined

directed and refined I

stand readily corrected.

Instead here I still sit

my eyes engrossed by

minute electronics

and yours by my flickering fingers and

chronic yet fleeting

fantasies of more.

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