Monday, February 14, 2011

fingers and toes (2011)

To explain a couple of things for those who may not know- my daughter Amara used to "miss" sneezes when she was a baby. She would start, very quietly ah-ah... then it would grow... aH...AH... and then, as if totally disappointed it would deflate into an Awwwwwww! Cracked me up every time.

Garron, the blond, blue-eyed boy-wonder is always ready for a competitive challenge, especially if it involves something physical. Eilena is my fairy princess, the girliest-girl I know (and thats okay!)

The fingers and toes mentioned here have gone elsewhere. But I still thank them for the three wonderful lifetime chances they brought.

* * *

Fingers and toes
its all well I suppose,
met me skimming a the tank top
to escape my death-throes.
On a hot summer sultry
wearing wheels on my feet
waiting writhing and faithless
to come in from the heat.

Poetry and prose,
caramel candies, a rose;
tried to woo you
from the outset
and ignore the echoes.
Was I suavely successful
reaching out to grasp words?
Or were you rolling your eyes
at every second or third?

Good-byes, hellos,
then its me that you chose
since our midnight moonlit strolling
knew that I would propose.
Apartment life so nervous
as each drank the other in;
who'd have thought a Presbyterian
and a Baptist'd live in sin?

Strangers and foes
leaving exes and ohs
struck out bravely
towards a reckoning
on this path that we chose.
On a chilly autumn crisp
in a mantle picture frame
immortal green together
as this unit we became.

Tables and clothes
eating chicken and crow
went domestic
but what's best it
wasn't forced for show.
Had our frostbit winter windburns
when the temperature was ill;
stayed in-float and never capsized
even when our boat was filled.

Ribbons and bows
little eyes and little nose,
a surprise wrapped in suspense-
could we survive with one of those?
Brought us springtime
flower sweetness
with her smiles upon the breeze
and a loving bunch of laughter
every time she missed a sneeze.

Yes's and no's
when a dragon imposed
on our castle at the hilltop
hoped that he was comatose.
Southward exodus from demons
with some help along the way
ever glancing over shoulders
to preserve what we have made.

Now, fingers and toes,
something new from you arose-
a blond, blue-eyed boy-wonder
second chapter to close.
We wrapped our home around him
in a velveteen vice-grip,
taking moonlit stroll aplenty
and enjoying every trip.

Boyish toys & trumpet blows
and a sister’s daily dose
of reminders she is older:
with our rabbits, in our home.
A loving competition
as we strive to hold the peace
through academics, dance & soccer,
we are ever-awed by each.

Wait, fingers and toes,
deep inside you new life grows
a fairy princess spreading magic
with the pixie dust she throws.
arrived just in time to shield us
from malignant sheets of rain.
Guards our family from the hardship
of great economic strain

Now moved by what we chose
plains to mountains in transpose
take our family to new heights
hot-air balloons over arroyos-
westward watermelon mountains,
sparkling city in the night
who’d have thought the dried-out desert
would manifest our paradise?

Now, onward we flow
couple of unlikely heroes.
Bearing burdens
strong emboldened
'til we earn our due repose.
Keep beside me, lean upon me
Nobody knows what futures bring
sit astride me and abide-
fingers and toes to which I’ll cling.

* * *

Thank you, thank you
for this lifetime chance,
for waiting by my door.
Thank you, thank you
for each season's change
and every season more.

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