Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Every politician, talk show host, minister, CEO, manager, salesperson or poet needs a sort of confidence about them. The best of them combine that with humility. The worst of them don't.

For the latter, this behavior often disguises the pain of feelings of inferiority. I dedicate this poem to that group and to myself. I've alienated too many people in my life by acting in arrogance. My apologies to those I have hurt.

One of the oldest poems for which I'll still claim credit.

* * *

I am power!

Don't roam near me

lest I crush you 'neath my feet!

I take the written word

warp it into my image

move the mountains of language

bowling over the frightened masses

that before drove me under

those very protrusions.

I am thunder!

Booming, roaring

into the nighttime air!

None stand who can rival

my monotonous rumble

my sonic scream of dialect

carving notches in your skull

etching completely the percussive force

of my chaos.

I am lightning!

Flashing, fiery

into the storm I go!

The overwhelming surges

commanding your synapses

are caused by me -

they are born of my electric soul

originate in my will-

you are helpless to conform.

I am giant!

Corpulent form

shoving others from my path

freeing my mitts to thieve all glory,

treetrunk legs to mount all summits.

I bludgeon all foes with

knees and elbows until...

i am all alone.

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