Thursday, January 13, 2011

suspension bridge

I sit back

just watch it happen-

a sense of a storm-front

embittered and fattened

plump droplets of pure inertia

sprinkle-spread as they land

demand an epiphany

with their empty hands raised

over unkempt rivers

qualls nudged diligently

south on windshield

as moisture they deliver.

I sit back

just watch it happen-

Erect a suspension bridge

roadblock down its double stripes

causes traffic to stall

a wreck of twisted bones

blood and engine parts

gears, axles, fluids all

decorate the two-lane

delineate the route that is

doom for drivers mentally lame

I watch-

then mosey to the shoulder

seek a path through the morass

wipers cringe and creep

across half-dry glass

wake my mind with eeking groans

I realize signify

more than busted cars

and thunder's inescapable drone

I watch-

and with that the structure

pitches and shudders

concrete precipitate combined rain

for long moment hovers then

swoons to the rapids below

my foot hesitates

in that eon of a blink

an overdue flurry of thought

slam pedal to floor for brakes.

I close my eyes no longer to watch

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