Monday, January 31, 2011

inside sun

2/1/2011- Garron, you're turning nine. So glad to have somebody as enthusiastic about Star Wars & Blue Devil comics as I am to talk to. I wrote this for your Celebration of Life at WMS a few years ago. When you were a baby we called you our inside sun- you would rouse us to wake the moment there was light outside. It still pertains to you, for you are fiery & prone to flares of exhalation at any moment about any number of subjects. Happy birthday to a wonderfully challenging son! Daddy wouldn't trade a second of you!

* * *

He tells me so much more than expected-

utterances so unfettered they soar-

super-powered, mud-splattered action-rocket-stegosaurs!

Bam- Pyoo- Crash! Than stop.Daddy guess what?

Today- today we learned the sun is burning hot with gasses

and it has spots!

Miss Rogers says someday- actually- it will be a super-nova!

Miss Rogers says it- it is so amazing!

Suddenly, his story ends,

his arms embrace me,

tension strays from its orbit

ordained to dissolve, a runaway planet

reflective of the sun's keen rays- snuggled- snoozing- super-nova son

Miss Rogers is right. He is so amazing.

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