Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hug her up goodbye

Hard to write, harder to edit, hardest to watch. Circa 2006. To Edna & Martha, who I watched into decline.

* * *

Self-baked lipstick- cake-dried flesh

marred and brown, polluted,

thin-skinned and bound in mystery-

a witness strong, to steel you firm-

raw hands that reach, desperate,

convinced of some nobility-

I view you lying, covers tossed-

waning moon, sin-scarred voice

in whispered rasp, a victory-

a mark of stark lucidity -

a purpose found- each exhaust

contrasts your lithe fragility-

each smile the last that I might see-

thoughts confound, stealing grace,

profound depths of docility-

sliver of light from closing door

dances past cross pebbled drive-

catch breath at night's agility-

a salty taste- flow starts slowly,

glancing back, a mother's face-

the theft of rude debility.

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