Thursday, January 13, 2011

eighty-five degrees in january

A little intro for today's entry... this is the #1 requested poem I do at readings. Most of the time I have to adjust the language, as there are some not-safe-for-everywhere words. This may be the only work in which I've used a mid-fix. Enjoy!

* * *

It’s eighty-five degrees in January!

Sweat drips down my forehead
hanging gently like a princess
in some fairy tale story
climbing down from a tower
yet afraid to drop-pulled out of the pocked-up
parking lot-cursing my putrid luck-

can’t make the sell-

can’t spend the cash-

can’t seem content with
the tent under which I’ve crawled
on this Canterbury-esque trip to camp
in an unconquerable crevasse so cramped-
a canyon for my crying mind.

Bought Diamond Shamrock at
a dollar-one and it failed to quench
even the slightest inch
of my car’s ravenous yearnings-
fifteen dollars down to once more be empty-
depleting my meager earnings.

Tank vacated and wasted in a vast expanse in
a state where nobody strives to advance-
like Utah maybe or Idaho-
who the hell goes there anyhow? God knows!
Vapid excuses for vacation rendezvous!

My spent vehicle’s prostrations vehement-
please pardon me again as I vent-

it’s eighty-five degrees in fucking January!

What is it with the weather in this place?

Who the hell loosed the devil so early?

That loser- that Lucifer-and clued him into my location?
Could swallow forty pills a night-
twice that at morning’s light-
and still there’s no tow in sight to airlift my listless body-
cackling like a lush as I’m taken aloft-
eyes alight for a destination-or a sacred duty.

I’m searching for something
around which to bend my soul-
sequential to a vehicle contrived
to eschew this void’s control-liberated from probation
in this polyester tent any longer than I have to be pent

and it’s eighty-fucking-five degrees in January!

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