Friday, January 28, 2011


By word of Our testimony
up will We rise
surge through canopies boundless,
wild chasing the dawn-born sun

We can't be stopped
We can't be slowed, captured or shunned

With trumpeting calls 
Our flock breaks forth 
through sickly-hued sky-
putrid puffs of brown vapor

Our victory cannot deny

Through singed tears of angels 
feathers hurtle and slice,
Our vision of power is the visage of 
sacrifice via the sword of our mouths.

We, a v-shaped cone of triumph

Rush, coursing through air 
becoming energy itself-
Our chorus of voices serenades- 
the daybreak sounds of principle-wealth-

Reason, Compassion, Truth-
winged horses of Our very own 

and following is life;
freedom; evidenced in every tone
Resounding from all directions,
bold word of Our testimony.

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